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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  March 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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choose. >> i learned that to my relief, this new partnership with starbucks and msnbc, they are not going to public the grade school report cards of baranacle and brokaw. that makes my wife happier. >> now, we might have to make a new choice in the relationship between starbucks and "morning joe." thank you very much. willie, if it is way too early -- >> it is "morning joe." still around for the morning run down with chuck and savannah. he may be down but he is not out. the president said gadhafi is on his heels on monday. the man has launched a counter assault hammering a parade of rebels into a fast retreat without persistent foreign air support, do they stand any kind of chance? they have to be armed and trained. >> 3300 times normal radiation soars in seawater near the
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tripled japanese nuclear plant. the utility's president hospitalized as the country struggles desperately to control the crisis. with just over a week until another possible budget shut down, the budget fractures. it is left versus right versus right more. it is wednesday, march 30th 2011. i'm chuck todd. this morning, our common food diet is contributing to adhd in children. the fda wants to know. a scary story. let's get to the rundown. we will start with libya. rebel fighters are pleading for more help. the help could eventually come in the form of weapons, shipments from the u.s. speaking to brian williams, president obama said arming the rebels is a possibility. >> i am not ruling it out but i'm also not ruling it in. we are still making an assessment partly about what
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gadhafi's forces are going to be doing. we are not taking anything off the table at this point. >> the president said that no matter what options the u.s. pursues, it should not be seen as a president for action in countries like yemen or sear qua. >> i think it is important not to take this particular situation and then try to project some sort of obama doctrine ta doctrine that we are going to apply in a cookie-cutter fashion across the board. each country in this region is different. our principles remain the same. >> new polls show u.s. action in libya is not going over with the american public. quinnipiac found that 47% oppose america's involvement there and 41% support it. nearly three quarters of americans fear the u.s. will get drawn into a long-term conflict. msnbc's jim maceda is live for
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us on the phone from tripoli. jim, it seemed there was all this optimism 24 hours ago from the president, from secretary clinton. today, it doesn't look so good. >> no, chuck, it doesn't look good at all. you are right. on monday, we were reporting based on some reports that rebels had made it all the way to the cert, which is gadhafi's home down. it looked terrible for tripoli and everyone. the momentum has swung back in favor of gadhafi. let's take a look at what has actually happened. first of all, the rebels a couple of weeks ago were facing no resistance at all. there were the air strikes between benghazi. that wiped out any force. it was a cake walk for the rebels. yesterday morning, they hit a
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wall of fire, not just artillery but coming from local armed m militia. this was clearly gadhafi country they had entered. this counter attack in ras lanouf. losing all of those gains they made. here is the interesting thing. nato claims while all of this was going on, they did not engage gadhafi troops or tanks at all along that coastal road. maybe they are trying to avoid being called the rebel air force. they don't want to show they are taking sides, which they said they are not. nato officials today did confirm they were striking gadhafi
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forces in mizrada. they are cut off from food and water and have been for weeks. it would appear that nato in misrata is using the forces. that's consistent but certainly isn't good news for the rebels, chuck. >> you were saying yesterday in cert, it is an urban area, much harder if nato even wanted to do air strikes. if they wanted to do it, it would be very hard for them to avoid civilian casualties. >> absolutely right. as you go into the western part of the country, the fight, the battleground is much more in an afi can easily dig in his ere is artillery pieces and his tanks. from the air, from 16,000 feet,
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flying at altitude and speed, it is very, very hard to separate the targets from civilians. chuck? >> jim maceda in tripoli for us this morning, thanks. let's move to japan. the seawater radiation near the nuclear plant has spiked to more than 3,000 times normal levels. inside the reactors, there is so much contaminated water, workers are running out of places to put it. lee cowan is live in tokyo. you hear these multipliers, 3,000 times normal. what does that mean? >> reporter: it sounds scary and it is certainly a cause for concern. they still say, despite the 3,000 number, it still poses no threat to human health. we have been hearing that a lot. the point is not so much how much it spiked but the point it spiked again. this is the highest level they have seen since the crisis started, which is an indication, chuck, obviously, that whatever is leaking is still leaking.
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somehow that is making its way to the ocean. you have the problem of the pools of water slowly inches up. in reactor one, they did make some progress in pumping some water out. at the other two, not so much. they have to pump the water out of those areas to get that out of the way and then they can pump the radio can atiactive wa those. there is no playbook for this. they have thought about the possibility of bringing in a tanker and anchoring it somehow off the shore near the plant and piping the water into the tanker and then what do you do with the water when it is in the tanker? all of this is this very glacial progress. they are trying to keep their head above water, no pun
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intended. victory is keeping the status quo. as long as you don't lose any ground, they are doing well. at this point, that's sort of where they are. >> the president of the tokyo electric power company hospitalized. is this basically hospitalized for stress? >> basically. that's what another company spokesman said today, that he was taken to the hospital. they say, he drove himself to the hospital. he was suffering from high blood pressure, dizziness, he hadn't been feeling well in the last several days. they claim it is stress. certainly, the entire company is looking at this utility company as not responsible for this disaster. they are certainly raising a lot of questions about how they have handled it in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake. they say he will be back to work in a couple of days. >> lee, thanks very much. a quick turn to wall street with a focus on new employment
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numbers. what can you tell us? >> yesterday, it was all about bad news when i spoke with you. today, there is some pretty good news out there. adp numbers came in. this is a good gauge on trying to see what's going to happen on friday. adp showed an increase of 201,000 in the private sector, a strong number, in line with what the market was expecting. it has been looking like it will open higher today, the dow by about 58 points or so when 20 minutes time pm this is being received as decent news. the big question will be what the government numbers show on friday. we had mortgage applications for the week, down by about 7.5%, not all that surprising as you saw mortgage prices start to tick higher last week. the government's tarp program, the treasury is reporting is in the black right now. that means that taxpayers have made some money off of this for the first time. there were three more banks that paid in another $7.4 billion
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today. that does mean at this point the taxpayers are starting to make some money pl we will see if more moneys continue to make that back. >> we are still waiting for the big payment in old aig. up next, should the u.s. be arming the rebels? british prime minister and secretary clinton says there is a loophole that could make it happen. we will talk with karen bass, who sits on the foreign affairs committee and will get a classified briefing later today. this is not madison but ohio, a bill that would end collective bargaining rights for hundreds of thousands of state workers there. tougher on unions than wisconsin's law. we are going to go live to ohio. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule p. he is giving a big speech on energy security. a little bit of, i feel your pain with the high gas prices. a tiny bit on nuclear policy in
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the libyan rebels want weapons. the president is not yet ruling that out. members of congress are pressing the white house to arm them. secretary of state gates and others will hold a classified session where they will brief members of congress, many of who say they were no the adequately consulted. democrat karen bash serves on the foreign affairs and budget committees and she will be involved in this classified briefing. she joins moo he now. i want to start with what the president has said about gadhafi and this idea of regime change.
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here is what he said in his speech and then right after it in an interview with brian williams the next day. >> there is no question that libya and the world would be better off with gadhafi out of power. broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake. >> our primary military goal is to protect civilian populations and to set up the no-fly zone. our primary strategic goal is for gadhafi to step down. >> part of that goal is to create space for the rebels, not just create space but at some point, you will have to arm them. >> i do think they are two questions, one, should the rebels be armed and who is going to do the arming? i will be interested in the classified briefing today to hear about the international support. the rebels might need to be armed but i don't think it automatically means that the united states provides those weapons. >> who do you want to do it, egypt? >> given there is such broad international support, including coming from the arab league, in
9:16 am
the classified briefing, maybe we will hear the extent to which that was discussed yesterday in london. >> you wrote an op ed this week about the role of congress a little bit, depending the president's policy but you seemed to hint that congress needs to play a bigger role? does congress need to be on the record? >> let me be clear. one, as you know, i'm new to congress. so i certainly need to consult my colleagues that have been therean, the leadership in both houses and both parties and the leadership of key committees. it wasn't as though congress had no knowledge at all. >> there is confrontation and informational. some believe they were informed and others believe they were not. >> one of the things i'm very
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curious about and i have certainly asked and tried to do a little bit of research considering the fact that i am new is did president obama do anything that was inconsistent with what past presidents have done. my understanding is that the procedure he followed in terms of consulting the leadership of both houses is consistent with how interventions have been handled in the past. >> not to relitigate that part of it. going forward, do you believe congress needs to get on the record with this? >> i do. from the time he had the conversation with both houses, there was on going conferences. as the president described also and i was at the speech, by the way, at that point, command has been handed over to nato. so he described hour intervention as being short-lived, command has been handed over to nato.
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nato is handling it. >> we are 22% of nato, which is the largest shareholder in nato. so there is handing over to nato but that is ajk budget fight in california. we don't have time to pick your brain on that. how divided are the house democrats. we know house republicans are having their own issues right now. house democrats are pretty divided on this issue? they are not going to be happy with the deals the white house
9:19 am
might end up cutting with boehner. how many house democrats do you think will not support any deal the white house cuts? >> i think we have to see. we have to see what the cuts are. i don't describe the house democrats as being very divided at all. i think everybody was very clear. >> i think in terms of the hl-1, which unfortunately, the republicans continue to push. i thought frankly that after we did that vote late night about a month or so ago, i thought they would have moved on from such drastic cuts, cutting houses to veterans. cutting 65,000 teachers and irs and the nagtional weather service. i thought they would have moved from those cuts. i don't think the democrats were divided about that. i think the resolution that was passed a couple of weeks ago, that some members in my house felt it was targeted enough. meaning the extreme cuts why not included.
9:20 am
we will see where we go to move forward. i certainly hope we don't have another short-term solution. i hope we are able to go until the end of september. >> congresswoman bass, thanks for coming in today. we hope you can share what you can from this classified briefing. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me on. is the color of our food hurting our children? the latest on whether artificial food dies can be linked to attention deficit hyperactivity food disorder. more pain for the victims of the about. p oil spill, why shouss of those already suffering may now be at risk for, will ready for this, identity theft. >> first, blue goose, that's washington's speech for the special bullet proof lectern that the president uses. it is taller than your average lectern and reportedly weighs
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several hundred pounds. if you have some washington speak or animal speak that you would like us to clarify, write us at dailiry >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, ueay ouelmt not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects,
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and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
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patrik berg patrik berglund adam
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cracknell b.j. crombeen. well, some parents have been whispering this for years. is there a link between artificial food dyes found in common foods and attention deficit found in kids. tom costello is all over the story. >> reporter: we art the whole foods here in bethesda, maryland. whole foods doesn't sell any products in which there are ad difficults, preserves, dyes, anything of that nature. this debate over whether there should be connection between dyes and adhd is nothing new. the fda may be changing their
9:25 am
position. for 11-year-old riley and 9-year-old jackson, breakfast is in the blender, ban annas, strawberries, orange swrus with a muffin on the side, pbj is with organic jelly. three years ago, his mom threw out every food containing artificial dyes and flavors. >> in two weeks, i could tell a difference in my children, in their handwriting and focus and doing homework. >> this is an example of riley's handwriting before the new diet and several weeks after. now, the fda is looking at blue 1 and 2, green 3, orange b, red 40 and 43, found in drinks, pickles, mack and cheese. many advocates have long argued there is a link between the dyes and hyperactivity. >> there is something genetic that is going on and along come
9:26 am
food dyes and they can trigger it in some kids. >> reporter: the fda has said there is no evidence of an hdd link. it may be exacerbated including but not limited to artificial food colors. the grocery manufacturers of america insist there is no demonstrable link to adhd and, account, we are always producing the safest possible product for our consumers. dietician, rebecca skrichfield said we all need more color but the natural kind. >> we should be putting about half our plate, fruits and vegetables. right now, 70% of marps don't meet their fruit and veggie needs. the best thing to do is get real color whole foods on our plates. >> going all organic can be more expensive but riley's mom has been convinced it rs worth it. >> he seemed more focused and
9:27 am
calmed down. that's what made us believers. >> the fda begins two days of looking into the topic. they could decide to put a warning label on the box, ban the product all together or they could decide they are going to do nothing and research it even further. chuck, back to you. >> tom costello, an eye-opening report there. up next, let the games begin. president obama is just a few weeks away from announcing some form of his re-election campaign. the details of the launch, a closely guarded secret. we will let you know what we know in a few. plus, which supreme court justice could be head today traffic court? first, today's trivia question from the alman ac of american politics. which former governor once ran a 100-mile race partly backward after pulling a muscle? compacted, drained of nutrients.
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a quick look at what's driving the day. president obama delivers a speech later this morning at georgetown university outlining his plan for what he is calling american energy security. he will talk a little bit about nukes there and a lot about gas prices. secretary of state clinton, defense secretary robert gates, admiral mike mullen and other senior officials are expected on capitol hill later today to deliver a confidential classified briefing to congressional leaders on the situation in libya. the opening bell has just rung on wall street. strong showing for foreign markets, dow futures up about 40 points thanks to positive job numbers. deployment of u.s. troops overseas is going to cost north carolina a congressional seat, which, of course, means future tax dollars. a sharp population decrease in
9:32 am
the tar hill state, because troops are deployed, they are tallied towards their listed home states rather than the military base they are based in had they been on the base in north carolina, it would have counted towards north carolina. north carolina came about 20,000 residents short of getting a new congressional seat. meanwhile, a bp employee has lost a laptop containing the personal information of about 13,000 louisiana residents who filed claims after the massive gulf oil spill. there is no evidence the information has been misused but they notified those after affecteded that their names, social security numbers and addresses may be compremized. anthony scalia was driving to work when his car collided with the vehicle in front of him causing a chain reaction. if he opts not to contest the ticket, it will cost him $90.
9:33 am
marco rubio is ruling out a rub for vice president in 2012 or is he. here is what he said this morning on abc. part of the republican nominees is this very likely could come to you and say to you, i need you to run on my ticket. >> i am not going to be the vice president in 2 o 12. >> he is right, he is not going to be the vice president in 2012. joe biden is going to be the vice president in 2012. we will find out whether that was an intended misspeak or simply him leaving out the word nominee in 2012. if he ended up on the ticket and won, he wouldn't be vice president until 2013. ohio's republican controlled house of representative is set to vote on a bill that would limit collective bargaining right for many of the state workers. house republicans have made restrictions even tougher. that isn't sitting with el with protesters in columbus. nbc's john yang, a veteran of the madison fight in wisconsin
9:34 am
is now in columbus, ohio. john, what's different about wisconsin versus ohio is that in ohio, this could end up on the ballot later this year? >> reporter: that's exactly right. they have a weapon that the unions in wisconsin don't have. they say the unions say they will immediately after this is passed go and launch a petition drive to get repeal on the ballot referendum this november. this is the most ambitious law or bill being considered this year to limit union's, public workers' unions collective bargaining rights. it not only extends the no-strike law from police and fire but to all public workers, teachers and other and all public workers, clerks and not only that. it does away with binding arbitration. this is something governor john casey has talked about wanting
9:35 am
to do during the campaign. the elected officials in charge of that wherever this contract is being negotiated can unilaterally impose their last best offer. if that last best offer includes a tax increase to pay for it, the voters have a right to knock it down in a ballot referendum at the polls. labor law officials or experts that i have talked to say that this would gut negotiating. it would change negotiations to that's something that the unions are -- don't want to see. they are fighting against and they will fight at the polls in november, chuck. >> john, very quickly. when does it go to the ohio senate and when would it get to governor kasich's desk. >> the house is going to vote on the bill today. they made some changes from the senate bill. the senate could vote their
9:36 am
concurrence as soon as this afternoon. it could go to kasich as soon as tomorrow. >> then, the petition drive starts. despite the pressing domestic and international issues facing the president, he has a re-election candidate to think about and he has to support his party's congressional challenges. last night at a harlem fund-raiser, the president was ins deuced by tim kaine whom the president nudged to launch a 2012 campaign of his own, the u.s. senate. >> there have been some rumors swirling around that tim might decide to plunge back into electoral politics and if he does, i want even people up here to be paying attention and rooting for him, because he is not just a leader for virginia, he is a leader for america and i am very thankful to have him.
9:37 am
thank you, tim. >> last night's fund-raiser was just one of many for the president this month, including another one next month in chicago where some people think he could be a formally -- formal candidate for re-election. we are joined by mbcli alntr,rd wolffe, author of the books revival and renegade. >> the president is running for re-election. he is going to file paperwork. is there going to be a big announcement? >> it doesn't seem so right now. remember, there is a lot going on in terms of the presidential agenda and there is a value for him staying above the fray in saying i am dealing with these domestic issues like jobs and the economy. i am dealing with this very complex international scenario
9:38 am
as well. there is also a technical, logistical reason for defearing these campaign moves. right now, there is a very free wheeling conversation going on between campaign folks and white house folks. as soon as the two structures die verge, they have to be extremely careful. we saw what happened in '96 when white houses get too involved in campaign work. a lot of this is very fluid. there are political and plonlg is citi cal reasons to push this off and to not go and say the president is the campaigner and chief. >> there was this report. he is going to be an announced candidate perhaps on april 14th, some sort of e-mail to supporters, a huge fund-raiser in chicago. nobody is disputing that is a huge fund-raiser in chicago and they want it to be for a reelect. they want to have a formal committee set up. the question, though, does the president ever say, i'm running for re-election. bill clinton and george w. bush never did. i'm told that there are some
9:39 am
aids that get it. they like the fact shall they understand why those two never actually announce their re-election bids. >> it is nakedly political and nakedly partisan. the tone of his comments at these fund-raisers are much more sharply positive at a time when there are other things when he is trying to say, i'm the guy in the middle. there is also a political reason inside washington not to do this. but, you have to balance that against the very pressing need to raise big amount of money. that has a deterrent effect effect, not deeonly do they neet to build up their campaign. it is also a potential reason why people may beholding off on some of the negative ads right now. you want to raise money and hold back on saying you are actively campaigning. the operation is basically out of the dnc and we know some names, jim ma see na, will be
9:40 am
the campaign manager and david axlerod? >> he is the strategic adviser. he won't be as intensely involved. >> jennifer o'malley and juliana smoot, big parts of the '08 campaign. >> smoot was the genius behind the immense fundraising. it tells you how important that is. >> one of the reasons we want to build that up they think the first karl rove cross ads might hit them in swing states? >> even earlier. there is expectations the money is going to get dumped on them much earlier, which is a year ahead of where the 2004 reelect geared up in terms of the air war and the money race then. so, yes. the question is, what kind of outside groups do democrats and democratic organizations set up to counter the karl rove organization? that's where a lot of this
9:41 am
activity is also geared up. >> we saw the president basically launch tim kaine's candidacy for virginia's senate. that means there is a vacancy for the dnc. what kind of person does the white house want? >> i think they are looking for media more than anything else. the dnc functions are going to move over to the campaign. obviously, there is congressional support for campaigns that the dnc is involved with. >> richard wolffe, the white house booth, a little roomier here. >> i like the elbow room. which former governor once ran a 100-mile race partly backward after pulling a muscle? >> former governor and once candidate gary johnson, best known for his support of legalization of marijuana. does he run for president as a libertarian or a republican? we may find out soon. the big budget battle on
9:42 am
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>> 30 years ago today, president reagan was nearly shot. brady was wounded in that altercation and is still in a wheelchair today. we are going to talk about the budget stalemate with terry holt, former spokesperson for john boehner back in the day. brendan daily, who as worked for the bradys and also former spokesperson for nancy pelosi. i want to talk about budget and the whole budget fight that is going on. we are eight days away from a shutdown or a potential shutddown. you have senate democrats versus the white house and maybe the tea party republicans versus the establishment leadership. where are house democrats and
9:47 am
the senate democrats? are they on the same page? >> i think so. they understand cuts need to be made and we have to work an agreement and work with the republicans. i think the concern they have is that they could probably work out a deal with speaker boehner but can he deliver his own people? he has pressure on his right flank with his party. i think they are concerned about can he bring his people on board. >> how real is this for speaker boehner? is he liking the press to say, i can't control all of my caucus and he sees that as leverage in the negotiations or is this a real problem like he would love to cut a deal but he has this tea-party issue? >> it is interesting. brandon might say that the democrats don't want to shut down but they sure want the republicans to want to shut down, because somehow that helps politically. i think boehner is doing a pretty good job of managing an almost unmanageable process. he has people on the other side, harry reid, where it is difficult to trust an operator
9:48 am
like harry reid. there is, i think, a general agreement that we need to deliver for the american people, that both parties have to step up and do the pragmatic thing and get as many cuts as they can. ultimately, let's demonstrate we can govern at this point. >> i want to ask you about this whole shutdown. there has been this used as a talking point. here is howard dean at a forum talking about the shutdown in terms of being good politics for democrats. >> from a partisan point of view, it would be the best thing in the world to have a shutdown. >> if i was the head of the dnc, i would be quietly rooting for it. i know who is going to get blamed. we have been down this road before. >> howard dean putting something out there that i'm sure a lot of democrats wish he hadn't been put on the record. is that true? are democrats quietly going, if republicans want to shut down the government, that's their political future. >> i don't think so. >> you don't think it is the
9:49 am
same? >> no. terry will agree with this, that the need, the demand for cutting. i think people understand that. that is something that both parties understand. there is a difference of opinion in terms of the importance of government. i think democrats understand we can not have a government shutdown. that is not acceptable. we are going to try to do what he with can to avoid that. >> have democrats lost the fight? >> i think it is about what kind of cuts you are going to have. are you going to be over the top in some of these wreckless cuts or try to be responsible and invest in certain areas. the president today is talking about energy security. he has been talking about that. it has been difficult to get through with the message with libya and japan. he wants to talk about education and energy. >> almost taking the same question but right now, it seems like you are winning the message war, because it seems like a numbers game. you know very well that direct mail campaigns will say, hey, look at congressman x voted to
9:50 am
cut grandma's -- >> we made this comparison to the shutdown dynamic back in the '90s. i think fundamentally, the whole conversation has changed. the american people get it, that our deficit is going to kill am the deficit is going to kill us. >> but do they? >> in not in isolation, but when you start talking about trillions of dollars and people that this country going bankrupt. i think people understand that cuts are going to necessary. it's a question of fairness. it's a question of whether or not we all share the burden. >> and doing it in a responsible way, not just doing it across the board. >> neither of you believe there will be a shutdown, do you? >> it's possible. i don't think therile. t ucat yt'no poib. iogr tat pplwi wt ttro avoid it. >> i do disagree that the democrats will want to shut down. i do think that the politics are fundamentally different that they could be caught in quick sand. >> republican terry holt, until
9:51 am
we meet again. up next, my favorite story, the venomous snake on the loose in new york city is in twitter. i'm following him. i wish you could follow me back. follow me@chucktaut. follow savannah@vanna guthrie.
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the loose at the bronx zoo in new york. it's a 20-inch long egyptian cobra. it disappeared from its enclosure friday, forcing the staff to close the reptile house. it's been late night comedy fodder ever since. >> over the weekend, a six-foot long egyptian cobra escaped from the bronx zoo. his name is hosni, is his name. all this week, and it coincides with spring break, the bronx zoo
9:55 am
is holding a cobra hunt. [ laughter ] so bring the kids! lau >> the snake is making its rounds. leaving wall street, these guys make my skin crawl. and also peter alexander covering the story for nbc news. hey, peter at nbc news, don't turn around, i'm right behind you, just kidding, lol. make could take days or weeks until the snake is thirsty or hu hungry to come out of its place. we had something called the cobra tarium in miami. don't miss andrea mitchell
9:56 am
reports, she's got dianne feinstein. don't miss "hardball," filling in one more time for chris matthews. i'll see you tomorrow, later today and all day long on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight.
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libyan rebels on the retreat from a crushing assault from moammar gadhafi. is it time for the u.s. to arm the opposition? that's just one of the tough questions facing secretaries hillary clinton and robert gates today on the hill. radiation in the seawater near that crippled fukushima plant is now more than 3,000 times the limit. while operators give up all hope of saving six of the reactors. it's happened again. five months after two real bombs were found on cargo planes set to explode over the u.s., word


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